Hip & Joint Pain Reliever Soft Chew for Dogs

  • Adaptogens: Support your dog’s natural ability to resist stress and maintain optimal physiological function by including our supplement which contains powerful adaptogens such as cat’s claw, and willow bark.
  • Natural Remedies: Our active ingredients include cat’s claw root extract and willow bark, both of which are natural herbs known for their therapeutic qualities. Cat’s claw and willow bark are anti-inflammatory analgesics, which can help relieve and soothe painful joints related to age and arthritis.
  • Lubricate Joints Naturally: Our pain management formula includes 160 mg of fish oil to help keep joints lubricated and pain free so that you and your canine friend can enjoy the active lifestyle you love!
  • Delicious & Made in the USA: Our chewable tablets are natural chicken flavored, so your dog will enjoy them. Save the time you would have spent trying to get your dog to swallow a pill and instead enjoy life with your dog! Our supplements are made in the USA with highest quality ingredients and manufacturing practice. By avoiding the use of extrusion and extreme heat and pressure, our factory is able to produce a supplement that maintains the purity of the natural active ingredients.
  • Improve Quality of Life: Our supplement helps to provide soothing relief and comfort to those sore, aching joints due to age, arthritis, or even injury. Restore your dog to the active, energetic quality of life you both had when he was puppy and get back to loving life together!


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